Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunn O))) - Oracle

There is really no justifiable reason why anyone should ever think of working out to Sunn O))). The same goes for drone metal as a whole really. As you can tell from the title, though, I did.

Oracle is a 35 minute EP. Sonically, it is quite interesting. Its dark ambient noise and distant gasping whispers provide a sinister feel that is really compelling. The first track contains sounds almost reminiscent to the clacks of a roller coaster ascending a lift hill. The second track is much more subdued and contains really hard-edged bass drones.

I could see this being nice hiking music, or maybe just walking in the forest. Honestly, even in the setting I workout in, it was not nearly as unfit as I thought it would be. Considering it is drone metal though, I cannot recommend it for intense workouts.

Calories: 250.6
Distance: 2.00mi

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