Friday, June 8, 2012

The Flaming Lips - Transmissions from the Satellite Heart

Transmissions from the Satellite Heart is definitely indicative of The Flaming Lips' future sound. From it's wildly loud and screaming guitars to it's cheerful upbeat melodies. Of course it still sounds like an artifact of the early 90's, it has aged surprisingly well against it's modern counterparts. Wayne sounds younger and less refined, but it still sounds as fun as ever. Fun is something The Flaming Lips always bring to the table.

My only problem with the album was from a workout sense. It sometimes tends to slow down in to more downtempo acoustic portions. While great on the ears, it isn't too great for the motivation. The album rarely does it though so it's something I'm willing to overlook.

Calories: 354.2
Distance: 2.73mi

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