Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MF DOOM - Operation: Doomsday

Operation: Doomsday is the debut album of one hip-hop's best emcees, MF DOOM. This is the first proper solo album by DOOM I've heard, and it was quite a delightful experience. The instrumentals (some of which I had heard before) are silky smooth and very soulful. The skits, which from what I can tell are from superhero cartoons from maybe the early 70's, help break up the album and keep it feeling fresh while also providing the narrative. DOOM's flow is punchy and smooth at the same time, which is always a nice quality for a rapper. Overall it was a fun hip-hop workout.

Calories: 488.9
Distance: 3.80mi
Speaking of good hip-hop, anyone who hasn't already checked out Death Grips's mixtape Exmilitary and their debut The Money Store should definitely check those albums out. I think they would provide a great workout experience with their hardcore and noisy take on rap. Grab Exmilitary right here.

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