Monday, April 2, 2012

Gang Gang Dance - God's Money

The only way I can really describe Gang Gang Dance to new possible listeners is that they sound like an Indian experimental rock band. With its heavy elctroclash influence, God's Money comes off as very psychedelic but also quite heavy in beats. The end result is a accessible album that can be enjoyed by fans of electronic music and experimental rock alike. As far as working out, it exceeds far past my expectations of the band. Even when the beat is almost completely lost and it  starts spiraling out of control, it still maintains a interesting ability to keep up one's motivation.

Calories: 323.4
Distance: 2.51mi

I feel like a broken record at this point, but once again I am quite sorry to have missed the weekend. What happens is I tend to roll right into other important activities on Friday through Saturday, and am usually so tired by Sunday that I have almost no energy; possibly effecting my reviews and my workout experience. That is something I don't want to happen. I'll try my best to get Friday in this week, especially since I have alot more free time since Spring Break is coming up next week.

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