Monday, February 20, 2012

Pinback - Summer In Abaddon

This album had a good collection of slower indie rock songs and is so far the longest album I have exercised to. While sonically very pleasing, for a large portion of it I was thinking to myself that this album did not have the pump-up jams I was hoping for. It had me reevaluating what kind of an album I'm looking for to workout to, and my opinion on this album in that regard was mixed. Then out of seemingly nowhere the last two tracks were definitely what I was looking for and pretty much saved my workout experience.

If you want an smooth indie rock album with some songs you can briskly walk to, this is it. If you want an album to run to, pick out those last two tracks.

Calories: 320.2
Distance: 3.03mi

Also I would like to apologize for missing yesterday. I was not feeling up to par, similarly to the night before.

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